Sunday, July 26, 2009

Camping, salmon, and wild brooktrout

Wow the last few weeks have flown by,and what full weeks they have been. I have been tying flies, camping, and even managed a trip to a very remote wild brook trout creek that gave up a few spectacularly colored little gems,that rose to dry flies as if they had never seen an artificial fly before,then again they most likely never had.

The camping trip was fantastic, we had a very private site that sat up high over looking the lake and the weather was near perfect.I cannot believe how lucky we were with the weather as most of the summer has been just clouds and torrents of rain..

We were entertained by a family of loons which spent much of a day in front of our camp site with a baby loon that would hope on the back of its mother while she drifted around as the male dove for fish. Very cool to watch.

Unfortunately the batteries in the camera died ,so I did not get any pictures of the loons.

As far as fishing in the lake , it was non eventful. However later in the week I did some exploring of new streams, and revisiting some old haunts,and caught some really beautiful truly wild brook trout.I had almost forgotten how much fun it is to throw dry flies in small creeks, and dap the flies between boulders for fish that may have never seen an artificial fly before.
I also made a trip to the west branch of the Ausable, I used to love that river, and I still am awed by the scenery, but the actual fishery leaves much to be desired. Stocked fish with multiple hook scars, I will leave it at that.
In addition I fished another river that I had not fished in years, the only reason I revisited it is it happened to be the only stream I could find on the USGS that was not near flood stage at the time. Well I am happy I made the trip, it gave up some really nice trout and several land locks, all on dry flies..

The time between fishing,camping and working, has been filled tying flies and preparing to add to the selection of flies on the it will not be much longer and the selection will be much improved.
I think that sums up the last few weeks, I hope to get some more fishing trips in over the next few.