Friday, May 8, 2009

Blizzard in May

After driving 2 1/2 hrs I pulled into the parking area, geared up, and then walked the tracks about 1mile, crossed 2 fields and a side channel before finally settling on a place to start fishing. It is a beautiful stretch of river, and the fish certainly were happy in that section. Pods of large trout were feeding the entire length of the pool.
I spent the next 7hrs fishing through one of the best caddis hatches I have ever witnessed. I also managed to land what was probably the largest brown on a dry fly and 6x tippet, that I have ever caught. By the end of the day all of my matching caddis patterns were chewed beyond recognition, and was stuck using a may fly pattern that I performed a little stream side modification on.
So I started back to the car, this time walking near the bank and with the improvised fly managed to nail 3 more big browns that were feeding near the grassy bank.


  1. That sounds like you had one incredible day of fishing! How big was the brown that you landed on the dry and 6x? My palms get sweaty just reading about that...

  2. OK ... how big was it? Picture maybe? I'm dying to see this fish!