Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fly fishing flies

The site will be expanding soon, I have been working hard at deciding what additional flies I should offer. Its funny, when I am tying flies for my self I normally stick with about 8-10 patterns, and with those patterns I can depending on hook size, be prepared for the rivers and streams I fish. But when it comes to deciding what flies to offer customers across the country, then it gets almost overwhelming. I get e mails from all over with people looking for all kinds of flies.Flies that I normally would not think about tying, and fishing with myself. So I will be adding about 24 more fly patterns to the selection in the coming weeks. I just hope I will still have time to fish myself....Just kidding.But years ago a good friend who owned a very successful fly& ski shop warned me not to get into the business unless I was willing to give up a lot of time on the water. He may have been right.


  1. Just curious, where was that successful fly and ski shop located? If it was local, I may have purchased my first decent fly rod there. Good luck with the new inventory.

  2. The shop was called Brookwood, it was located in Rexford and Rudy Romania was the owner.

  3. Rudy sold me that rod. I was sixteen, and had saved my pennies for a year. Twenty years ago ... geez.

    And no, I didn't get into any golden bones. Every gate at every dam was open, and fishing was dangerous let alone worthwhile.